CULT Raw Energy

Containing a maximum of caffeine CULT Raw Energy is the perfect energy drink.  This tasty energy drink will keep you on your feet at all times, whether you’re working, dancing or on the move. It’s incredibly tasty on its own and mixed with your favourite alcohol it makes for the perfect drink.

CULT Isotonic

  CULT Isotonic is a low-calorie thirst quencher containing seven vitamins and which restores your body’s fluid balance during exercise.


This powerful cola with a high level of caffeine is your new best friend.  Filled to the top with great energy, this refreshing soft drink will keep your body moving and your mind sharp.


MOKAÏ Elderflower will savour your taste and keep you fresh. Whether you feel like chilling in the sun, dancing or simply want to paint the night full of happy moments and stories. Line extensions include MOKAÏ Pink Apple, MOKAÏ Cactus & Lime, MOKAÏ Blueberry, MOKAÏ Forest Berries and MOKAÏ Raspberry.


WONN Strawberry is a non sparkling alcholic beverage! Also available with a taste of Orange. We’re generation now! We live and breathe together. We create stories jointly! #WeAreNow #WONN


Cool design, ready to drink with all the perfect ingredients for a crazy night out. Add a slice of lemon for a sublime taste. Line extensions include SHAKER Fruits and SHAKER Ice.


Let’s party! Live life; have fun. Let’s not be too serious. We dance, we talk all night, we smile. Really, we take it easy and live carefree lives. We paint the night with colours of the rainbow and reach for freedom. Why not let the good times rule? Come hang with us. Be crazy. Be happy.

About CULT

CULT was founded in 1998 by Brian Sørensen, who at the time ran one of Denmarks’ biggest nightclubs. He lacked a product that could be used as a drinks mixer and, above all, get people to stay a little longer. So he launched a cherry cola-flavoured energy drink which was sold in bottles. CULT was initially produced by the soft drinks manufacturer Frem in Ribe, and then delivered to customers by Brian himself from his fathers’ garage in Aarhus.

Since then, things have really gone from strength to strength, and CULT is now behind major acclaimed brands such as MOKAÏ and SHAKER. The products are marketed and sold in a great many markets all over the world, and the range now includes many variants of energy drinks, soft drinks, cider, sake, and RTDs. CULTs’ corporate culture is still young and unpretentious, and permeated by CULTs’ slogan “Good Energy Always Wins”.


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